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Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac Faithfully True!

''A stunning TRIBUTE snapshot of the Worlds first Supergroup Fleetwood Mac''

With over 500 major concert events behind them to date the British Rock Anthology TRIBUTE Concert ''Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac'' has now performed to over 500,000 MAC fans Worldwide. This show has now established itself across the world as the ''Ultimate Celebration Concert'' to Fleetwood Mac and tours with Mick Fleetwood’s golden seal of approval. RUMOURS OF FLEETWOOD MAC with their meticulously crafted instrumentals and tight harmonies, bring back to the masses the classic hits of the legendary Fleetwood Mac. With an array of styles and a mixture of musical genres, RUMOURS OF FLEETWOOD MAC have perfected the legacy of blues, rock and pop classics that made Fleetwood Mac the icons of the music industry they are today.

Critical acclaim followed their initial UK tours and now to the delight of RFM audiences across the world RUMOURS OF FLEETWOOD MAC will take to EUROPEAN and GLOBAL TOURING 2014.

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Tribute On Another Level...

‘’Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac’ have taken the TRIBUTE performance to another level’’


The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac TRIBUTE Concert Experience!

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FLEETWOOD MAC? The Ultimate FM Celebration Concert